• V.V. Mykhaylenko

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dynamic shift, light verb construction, delexicalization, grammaticalization, syntactic composition, semantic composition.


The traditional English verb classifi cation based upon their grammatical meaning is a certain matrix according
to which new units are grouped. The present investigation is aimed at integral describing the verbs of the ‘give’ type
in the model “to give a smile”. The analysis of its constituents does not give any new information, however, its analysis
as an integral unit in the sentence and discourse can reveal it as a structural-semantic unity, wherein a redistribution
of the lexical meaning takes place. Since Otto Jespersen defi ned them as “light verbs" they have been in the focus
of research of grammarians, semanticists, discourse experts, and cognitologists. In the framework of our research
the referred verbs in the given model are presented as the result of grammaticalization and lexicalization — major
factors of the English language development.


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Mykhaylenko, V. (2016). DYNAMIC SHIFT IN THE VERB SEMANTICS: A CASE OF SOME FOUR-LETTER VERBS. Studia Philologica, (1). вилучено із https://studiap.kubg.edu.ua/index.php/journal/article/view/103




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